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hey everybody, i don't know why ive been so slow to do this, but since it's free comic book day today, i'll finally let you know about my BRAND NEW COMIC!
the genre is a bit different than WAS but if you're into magic, witches and werewolves you'll probably like this comic too!
I'm really excited about crossroads, and i'm excited to share it with you, you can find it either over at tapastic:
or on its tumblr blog:

sadly i wont be publishing it here because i'll forget if i have too many places to put it im sorry
i hope you'll consider giving it a read though, and thank you all so much for following WAS over the years as well!
WaS - epilogue 2

DA folder


remember to read both pages of the epilogue, this is the end!

so ive been working on this comic since i was 17... 5 and a half years actually. that's really wild everybody. in the end the total of comic pages is 253. thats a pretty long project. there were times where i wanted to quit but im glad i didn't. this story isn't perfect, there are so many things i would have changed if i could. im not gonna rework anything though, it's over, its done, i did it. a full comic that ive done next to school work, both high school and art school. its been a good journey and ive learned a lot. im ready to work on my next project now. i'll let you know when i launch it in case anybody would be interested! but yeah, this is it for this gang.
i love these characters dearly, but ive outgrown them in a way. but this was a good ride and i appreciate everybody who has read throughout the years, i really truly do, i love all of you, you made me wanna continue! i hope you have enjoyed it, and that you enjoyed the ending.

i hope you all have the best of times, you're the best
love from yours truly!
WaS - page 249

DA folder


page 4 of a 4 page update, so remember to read the other pages!

this is the end guys.. i'll post a two page epilogue sometime this week and then i'll have some more to say about this whole thing...


Artist | Student
Hey guys, I’m Jam!
this is my tumblr
and well, hi, i hope you enjoy your stay, but if you don't that's ok too
this might be a long shot i dont know who sees these things but im taking commissions to help my friend so if anybody should be interested here's a link with prices and examples of what i can do…


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I don't know why it took me so long to discover you and your art, but I'm glad I finally did! Your stuff is AMAZING!!! 
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Yo man the last few WaS pages aren't in the gallery folder!
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