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WaS - page 149 by JamFisher
WaS - page 149

DA folder


i tried to write something related to this page but i couldnt think of anything
other than how frustrating it must be that z doesnt just tell them what he's
thinking, and that he doesnt answer the darn question!!!!
WaS - Chapter 9 by JamFisher
WaS - Chapter 9

DA folder


Here's to the beginning of chapter 9!
sorry i didnt get a page done, between schoolwork and other things i didnt have time to finish anything,
but next week chapter 9 will begin for real! I feel like it's gonna be a good chapter. 8')
WaS - page 147 by JamFisher
WaS - page 147

DA folder


here's something before chapter 9 starts, but also after the official end of chapter 8 haha
sorry i havent gotten all the thumbnails done, i will do my best to have the first page of
chapter 9 up next week but i cant promise anything ;-;
also fun fact: z knows these two scientists, they have met before!


Artist | Student
Hey guys, I’m Jam!
this is my tumblr
and well, hi, i hope you enjoy your stay, but if you don't that's ok too
i was tagged by CrushedCupcake
im not gonna follow the rules lol, if you wanna do this i tag you ok
10 things about me:

im obviously a narcissist 
i once ate moldy bread even though i knew it was moldy
i keep dropping food on the floor
im very bad at keeping up wth my friends and it makes me a lil sad
i've had to run at the airport several times, it's not fun
im really bad at cooking
im good at baking tho
i have no idea how im gonna make a living out of art
so im gonna become a vagabond instead
when im done being a vagabond im just gonna crash on my friends' couches (unless i die when im a vagabond which is also possible)

there u go

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